#2 Sander van der Goes (ENG)

Hi everyone!

I am Sander van der Goes and I am a second year students of Geography, Planning, and Environment. This sounds like a lot but I basically concern myself with the space around us and how people deal with it. In my study I am mostly interested in mobility, economy and geopolitics. I am planning to specialize in the last one during my master.

I am also a board member at the study association Mundus this year where I’m responsible for the moving out members to the work field and the contact with businesses and agencies. Besides my study and board activities I like to cook and I am very involved in politics. Every Friday afternoon the TV will be on the channel ‘Politiek 24’.

The things I find interesting and concern myself with now are what I want to continue in co-determination. I think it’s important that every part of the campus is accessible and reachable and that everyone should feel at home at the campus. I am also in favour for proper guidance toward the work field to create better job opportunities for students after their study. See you during the campaign!