Introducing: Activities committee

Organised activities

Student party AKKUraatd, that sounds like doing a lot of serious things like having meetings and reading documents about the ins and outs of the University. This is partly true, our party members
and mostly the USC members are actively working on improving the University, but besides all of this hard work there is still plenty of time for our collective hobby: KARAOKE! Our activities committee actively works to show you that we don’t just formally defend your rights, but that we also like to spend our time relaxing with a beer. What do we organize? A LOT! Since this year we have monthly parties and, after searching for half a year, we have found a regular pub, the Malle Babbe. Every party we arrange a fun offer so we can toast together and have a nice evening. Besides this we make sure there is enough karaoke, organize the Night of the Energy yearly, and have dinner with old party members just because we can! Check out our collage of our activities so far. Will you be there at our next activity?