Introducing: Content committee

Concerns: Content committee AKKUraatd

Dear members,

Enclosed you will find an elaboration of the activities of the Content Committee of AKKUraatd.

In a nut shell these activities are as followed:

The committee is concerned with supporting the USC members of AKKUraatd with content matters.
They discuss the documents that will be discussed in the Joint Assembly and contribute to the point of view of AKKUraatd. This occurs by studying the documents together, collecting information, and discussions.
Committee members also actively bring up topics and suggestions for discussion.

The committee helps realise AKKUraatd’s programme points by supporting the activities of the USC members and by writing opinion articles where AKKUraatd’s point of view is brought to light.

Because of the importance of our activities we will always welcome new members. The committee tries to create a mix of students with different profiles; from starting bachelor student to master student, from the science Faculty to the Faculty of Law, and students with a lot or very little experience with co-determination or board experience. Students with specific knowledge of a certain subjects are also very welcome.

The document is up for discussion in the upcoming committee meeting. You are very welcome to share your contribution during this meeting and next meetings.

Yours faithfully,


Mr Yannick Jorna
Coordinator Content committee

The members of the Content committee