Introducing: Party leader

Lieve Heijsters

A week in the life of the party leader

It’s Monday morning when I wake up around eight because the first sunlight shines in my room. I rub the sleep from my eyes, get up, and get dressed. Monday is filled with meetings: first is the internal USC meeting, which we have every week with all 14 members of the USC. Second is the Preparatory Joint Assembly (PJA) with the USC and the Working Council (WC)1. After this long meeting I’m already at the end of the afternoon but I have some time for relaxation. With the USC we have made it a tradition to have a beer together after Jas. Quite often the cheap speciality beers lure us to the Aesculaaf but because it is pouring outside we settled for a pitcher in the Cultuurcafé. After eating a falafel sandwich in the Refter with two friends I am recharged for the last meeting of the day, the general meeting (GM) of student union AKKU. AKKUraatd is an independently functioning part within AKKU and on a night like this it is my job to justify what we are doing and grill the board of the union at the same time. It is after twelve when I crawl into my bed and after being in meetings for almost ten hours today I have earned my sleep.

On Tuesday it seemed to become the morning of the resolutions. To compensate for all the sitting on Monday I start my day by going to the gym and work on my study afterwards to hopefully get some credits. After a few hours I finished my assignment and walk to the USC room, content about my performance this morning and with my laptop and mug, to go to the meeting of the USC committee facilities. I took the minutes of the discussions we had about study places and ICT and create a points of action list. After this it is time to hang up Toilet Papers. Together with my fellow party member Yannick I go door to door at Hoogeveldt to provide the students with something new to read on the toilet. The day could almost be over at this point but I still have an evening programme. I hurry home to iron my blouse and dress myself up because tonight my dream will come true; I get to be the pedel at the constitution party of AKKU. I don’t have time to cook so I stop for a quick meal at the wok before the party gets started. Despite the shouting and reciprocating I still have a voice at the end of the night. I closed the night off with a few good conversations at the bar with some party members.

Thankfully I can sleep in on Wednesday. My first appointment is at the start of the afternoon with Tessa at the Refter to heat up chocolate milk for the walk-in hour of the USC. We drop the very full jug of chocolate milk off at the USC room and I quickly fill as many cups as I can hold after which I hurry to the meeting of the FSC of Social Sciences where I join as the contact of the USC. After this meeting I go to the GWS room to talk with fellow students, drink some tea, and make the agenda for the meeting of the party. At 15:45 I have a class about Multiculturalism, Diversity, and Space after which I have a meeting with the Activity Committee of AKKUraatd. Here we discussed activities like the Night of the Energy, dinner with old party members, and our serious request activity. In the evening I go out for dinner with my old fellow board members Maaike and Dianne and we end the night at Management Madness with some fellow students.

Thursday is also not that busy. During the lunch break I get together with Fatbardha, Tessa, and Stijn to write the USC update for the party meeting. After this we have a conversation with Leonie (Student Life) and Laura (Marketing and Communication) about the Campus night ‘Radboud by Night’ that we organise with the USC. We talked about to divide the tasks between the USC and Student Life and about how we will promote the event. After this I worked up my noted of the meeting in the GWS room and add some points of action to my very long to do list. At the end of the day I go to the UMC with a study friend of mine to search for their cafeteria because the food is supposed to be cheap and good after which I go to the UL to study.

Then there is the most beautiful day of the week; Friday. Not only because it is so close to the weekend but mostly because the afternoon is all about AKKUraatd. I start my day at the gym and go to a class for sport psychology. During the lunch break I have a meeting with the content committee of AKKUraatd where we discuss the best way to achieve the points of our election programme and we discuss certain topics in depth like internationalisation and Radboud Honours Academy. After this meeting we have some time to get something to eat at the SPAR University and then it’s time for the party meeting. This is a weekly meeting that I chair in which I discuss everything that is happening with AKKUraatd with the USC members, Committee heads, and interested party members. Today we discussed the implementation of our new house style but besides serious topics we also discussed the surprise-/gin-tonic night of next week. Eventually, after a week filled with meetings and other business related to the party leadership or the USC, it’s time for the Friday afternoon party. At the office of the union I toast to the weekend with my fellow party members. The week is over!

1 During the PJA the preparations are made for the Joint Assembly (JA) where the Executive Board joins. Different recommendations are discussed and questions are taken stock of.