Introducing: PR committee

Every Wednesday morning it’s time to party: the PR committee gets together for a meeting. We think hard, laugh harder, and work the hardest. Every week we talk to as many students as we can and gather input for our party members in the University Student Council to be able to solve problems. We also try to keep showing wat we achieve and what we are working on.

A cool way to do that is the Toilet Paper. This super awesome collection of cheap saving tips, informative articles, and the most dizzying riddles hangs in the toilets of the SSH& buildings every month. Several thousands of students read our writings, make our puzzles, and solve our riddles.

Before they can do that the PR committee springs into action. A few weeks before hand we get together to think about which message we want to send to the students of Nijmegen this time. Call for a revolution, divine revalations, and deep insights fly across the table. Our always sharp chair Anne-France calls the members of the PR committee to order with her infinite pedagogical insight. We then choose for a classic Toilet Paper: funny items and serious pieces alternate each other. This way the Toilet Paper will remain useful and readable.

In very little time the PR Committee members carry out their tasks. One writes, the other translates, and the next will create a tight design, and yet another makes sure the Toilet Papers are printed. Everyone does what they are best at – or what they want to learn from. Besides hard work or hardly working we also have a lot of fun. During and after our work sessions we have a lot of fun together which is not surprising considering the fact that our committee consists of women for 80%.

Done? Put them up!

When the articles have been written, translated, put into a beautiful design, and the Toilet Papers have been printed we can finally distribute the 400 Toilet Papers among the students of Nijmegen. Armed with a pile of Toilet Papers, adhesive tape, and a good mood the Party members walk around the dark halls of the SSH&. They defy broken beer bottles, unbearable smells, and cranky SSH& personnel as they work their way through the dark halls of architectonic beauties such as Hoogeveldt and Vossenveld. Teeth are lost by biting off the adhesive tape, all of this to show you what we as Party do.

There are people who would rather look at their phone than at out Toilet Paper. We have also thought about these phone addicts because AKKUraatd is fully present digitally. The most beautiful pictures of our Party members and impressions of our activities appear on Instagram. We are active on Facebook daily with more serious messages, events, and links and every now and then an article of AKKUraatd will appear on the site of a University magazine like VOX!

We are the ones talking in the Toilet Paper but on social media you can give your own opinion. Respond, like, and share our messages and help us change the University. Members of the PR committee are ready for you every day to answer your questions, tips, complaints, and suggestions and we will see how we can help you.

Behind these awesome Facebook messages and impressive Instagram picture is a lot more work. What do students like and don’t like? What connects to what we do as a Party? How do you make an attractive picture or a short and powerful post? Social media is more challenging than you might think and therefore a fun job for the PR committee.

The work our Party does for our four pillars – good education, a student life for everyone, strong co-determination, and sustainability – cannot be done without the input of regular students like you. We are of course happy with what we achieve and love to show this. Sometimes it is necessary to put pressure on the University, besides all the meetings, consultations, and policy documents, to make sure the students will not be forgotten. AKKUraatd would be nowhere without good PR.

It is not difficult to contribute to the PR committee. With just a few hours every week you can make yourself useful for one of the most fun committees in Nijmegen. Whether you prefer to write, organise press moments, or like to translate, fun and challenging work is always there. On top of that the PR committee is a fun group of enthusiastic people that have fun together during and outside of work.

Have you been convinced and do you want to work for a better University in a fun way and with a fun team? Or would you rather talk to us or join in a meeting first? Send a message to