#11 Bas van der Zandt (EN)

Hi everyone! My name is Bas van der Zandt, 25 years old and I am a second year student of the master Computing Science with the specialization cyber security.

Last year I dedicated myself to co-determination as part of the FSC FNWI. I really got to know the University and saw how certain decisions were made, what went well and what didn’t, and how the different roles within co-determination can reinforce each other. This is why I am joining AKKUraatd this year.

This year I want to dedicate myself to good and accessible education. There will be some big changes next year. Some education will become English and the student population is growing. It’s important that the right support is utilized in time to make sure this happens as smooth as possible to make sure that everyone feels at home at our University. Besides this sit is important that the University opens up for every students and not just students that excel. Every students should be able to profit from good and accessible education.