Anne-France de Ronde


Hi there! My name is Anne-France and I’m a fourth year student of Pedagogical Sciences. I’ve been living in Nijmegen for three and a half years now and I love it! Going for drinks, dancing, committee work, and chilling on the coach are my favourite activities to get through the day. I did a board year at the study association Postelein last year and I was on the list of candidates for AKKUraatd during the last elections.

The more time I spend at the University the more I see things which could be improved. This convinced me to actively participate in the codetermination because it is very valuable and it is a shame that not everyone realises this! It is important to let your voice be heard about the University because every voice counts. I think it’s important that there is room for self-development during your study because studying is about more than just getting your credits. Student welfare plays an important role in this because you perform better when you feel good. How will I actively participate next to my study this year? In AKKUraatd’s party I will be active in the PR and activities committees, so you will hear from me again! I am interested in your opinion about the University, for instance whilst enjoying a cup of coffee or a beer.