New #11 for our list [eng]

With a great deal of enthusiasm AKKUraatd presents the newest candidate of the election! In april we presented our new 15 members on the list, and this list will be expanded with IT student Bas van der Zandt.  

Sadly this goes hand in hand with the withdrawal of Arnaud van Vierzen. Arnaud studies medicine and because of his internship he has – on advice of the university itself – temporarily unenrolled from the university. Students who are not enrolled on Febuari first of the election year lose their active and passive voting rights.

This rule has a negative effect on Medicine students. When they have completed their bachelors, they will have to wait a month until they can start their internship. When the student in question unenrolls from the unversity, he or she cannot partake in student politics and co-determination for at least a couple of months. Medicine students who want to be elected into one of the councils will have to wait until a spot opens up for an intenship. This means that they would only pay the university fees just to be taking part in student politics, even though they are not following any education. Because of this, they right of representation is taken away from a large part of the medical community here in Nijmegen.

This is very crude according to AKKUraatd. The votingboard has decided to review this rule in the years to come, but for Arnaud no exception was made. However, he will remain to be a part of our team. AKKUraatd will fight for equal representation for all students both during and after the election!