Researching diversity at Radboud University

Today, during the Joint Assembly, our USC-members will discuss the investment of additional budgets that became available due to the transformation of the Dutch student financing in 2015. To our delight, the current budget plan features one of our campaign plans: it promises investments into research on diversity at Radboud University (RU). Currently, the academic population hardly forms an accurate depiction of the Dutch society. The average student/professor in Nijmegen is white, leaving other ethnicities underrepresented. Investing into diversity research could answer some of the underlying questions surrounding the lack of diversity, such as: Is diversity limited due to geographics? Are there any unknown barriers for non-western students? Which other factors might limit diversity at RU?

As stated in our election program, diversity is an import topic to us. Diversity isn’t only about the presence of people from different ethnicities, genders, socioeconomic statuses or religions, but rather how it’s being put to use. If initiated correctly, diversity in education can lead to people being more conscious of their cultural “bubble”. Broadening our horizons is of critical value to forming an academic perspective, in which we will be forced to view things from different angles than what we might be used to. We’re therefore glad that the executive board is finally taking steps to research diversity at our university. We’ll stay on top of the process and make sure to provide you with continuous updates. Keep an eye on our Facebook-page to stay updated!

As part of the diversity-research, the university will organize a meetup on December, 5th at 14:00. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to sign up for this meeting anymore, but it’s possible to share your vision and make sure your input will be presented during this meeting. Just send an e-mail to