University library report is not sufficient

For most students the exam period has come to an end, together with days of struggling in the University Library (UB). Though many students cannot find THE best place to absorb information, AKKUraatd received a lot of negative feedback about shortages within this university library and we are working on it now.

Students think there’s a lack of working spots

The biggest complaint is about the amount of working spots. This is about group working spots, as well as individual working spots either with or without a computer. Students are experiencing a UB which is always filled with students, or is even overcrowded. Regrettably the executive board is in denial regarding this problem. The University Student Council (USC) asked the executive board several times for explanation and to substantiate their arguments. Finally, the USC received a report by the executive board in which the planning and counting is named as the main faults.

AKKUraatd finds this report insufficient and does not understand how the solutions will decrease the number of students in an overcrowded UB. The report mentions that the study places are never all taken, but it does mention that the UB is getting more crowded from 11.30h. AKKUraadt feels concrete targets are missing. Furthermore, it is not clear how the future of the UB will look like and correspond to the expectations of students. The pilot called ‘Lone Rooftop’ was carried out in the Grotius building. This pilot was only tested with counting methods for study spots without computers, which lead to negative results. This counting method is being seen as a solution, despite the negative outcome of the pilot.

One positive note: the spots downstairs will be available in the evening and during the weekend during the exam period from 24 December 2018 until 31 January 2019.

The members of the USC are wishing for a proper solution for both the problem of spreading students around the campus, but mostly the capacity problem. AKKUraatd advocacies for more individual spots and places to work together in groups, preferably in the sense of new study locations. USC member Flore van Grunsven is currently conversing with various policy officers to find a proper solution to this problem all over the campus. Attention will be paid to the quality of study spots, demands by students, and the current situation of supply in the faculties. We are happy to receive suggestions, so feel free to e-mail suggestions to!

For now, good luck with studying and we are looking forward to receive your input during our campus rounds upcoming semester and we might see you before 11.30h in the UB.

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